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Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor. [Photo/Xinhua]

In wake of a violent protest late Sunday in the northern New Territories, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor strongly condemned radical protesters on Monday, saying that the city will not tolerate any unlawful or violent acts.

Lam, head of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, spoke the day after a peaceful demonstration in Sha Tin against a now-suspended extradition law amendments turned into violent and bloody clashes between police and protesters in a shopping mall in the densely populated area.

Twenty-eight people including over 10 police officers were injured. One officer lost part of his finger, which was later reattached.

Lam, meeting with the media after visiting injured police officers in a hospital, said radical protesters, whom she referred to as "rioters", recklessly attacked officers and damaged the rule of law in Hong Kong.

The rule of law is the cornerstone of Hong Kong"s prosperity and should be respected by all people of Hong Kong, Lam said.

"I strongly condemn those who resorted to violence and attacked the police to express their objections. Hong Kong will not tolerate any unlawful or violent acts."

Lam praised police professionalism and reaffirmed her support for the force. The Hong Kong leader said her administration will continue to support police in enforcing the laws and in conducting a thorough investigation.

She also called on the public to express their views in a lawful manner and support the police in safeguarding the city"s rule of law.

Lam said the Hong Kong Police Force will investigate and the Department of Justice will prosecute those responsible.

Police arrested 47 people for such charges as unlawful assembly, assaulting police officers, obstructing officers and possession of offensive weapons.

Also on Monday, Secretary for Security John Lee Ka-chiu made the "strongest condemnation" against protesters" violent acts, and thanked the police force for performing their duties and safeguarding the city"s law and order during a difficult time.

Those violent acts could lead to serious punishment, he said. Possession of offensive weapons during a protest or assembly can lead to up to two years in jail, while deliberately attacking others-including splashing corrosive liquid or toxic powder on police officers-can result in life imprisonment, he added.

Thirty-nine pro-establishment legislators in Hong Kong strongly deplored the illegal acts of radical protesters.

In a joint statement issued on Monday, the lawmakers said the violence was "well-organized and plotted". They said demonstrators had been incited to charge police cordons in a provocative manner, resulting in casualties and property damage.

The lawmakers severely condemned the "extremely irresponsible" conduct of the protesters. "The police force is at the forefront in safeguarding the city"s rule of law. No one should smear or slander the police and dent its morale," the statement said.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong said the violent acts had seriously disrupted public order and threatened the city"s law and order as well as public safety.

The Sha Tin clashes crossed all boundaries of acceptable conduct in a civilized society, and challenged the spirit of the rule of law and the freedom of expression, said Jonathan Choi Koon-shum, chamber of commerce chairman.

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