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Local police have issued preliminary findings in a series of worker-related incidents at Jasic Technology Co in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

They found that a former Jasic worker, surnamed Yu, was fired in May for absenteeism and had been involved in violent activities against the company to protest working conditions.

Dissatisfied with the arbitration award he received after his dismissal, Yu went to the company"s entrance with six other people and tried to enter forcibly on July 20. Five people in the group were summoned to a police station for questioning.

After being released, they continued to organize others to enter Jasic"s property by force to demand better benefits. In addition, they interfered with the normal operations of a police station, the authorities said.

Late last month, 29 suspects were arrested after 25 people broke into the company again.

Investigators said they discovered that an unregistered organization called "dagongzhe zhongxin" (center for migrant workers) was instigating and supporting the incidents. It said without providing specifics that the organization was funded by overseas NGOs.

The organization was involved in multiple worker-related incidents in Shenzhen and nearby regions, and responsible for coercing some workers into participating in radical actions, police said.

The suspects have expressed regret about their behavior, according to the authorities.

Yu said he now understands his mistakes and will not make them again if offered a second chance, the police said, adding that another suspect, surnamed Fu, was also linked to the organization and similarly pledged to avoid breaking the law.

"Whatever interest you pursue, it must be carried out within the boundaries of the law," said Zeng Yueying, vice-dean of Shenzhen University Law School.

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